Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Printing Spine and Pocket labels successfully in Destiny.

Printing Spine and pocket labels:

Go into the REPORTS tab

Under the heading LABELS, choose Spine/Pocket Labels

Decide how you want to print your labels. This sample is “labels by date added”.

This sample is for label stock 2 across by 5 down, purchased from Western Library Services, 1-800-663-4393 www.westernlibrary.bc.ca, email wls@westernlibrary.bc.ca
Order “Laser Labelsets Librarian’s Choice #1685. It has one spine label and two pocket labels for each title. It comes in 100 sheets per package with a regular price of $51.95 but if you can catch it on sale, it may only be $46.95. (Canadian)

Gauge: each 10 points is a line of text.

For the labels that we use, I choose Demco OCLC 4-14216850
Offsets: Horizontal 18, Vertical 18
Font size: 12pt.

Now comes the best part:

Run the Report


View Report

And when the window pops up with your labels ready to be printed, click on Print.

In this window, where it says “Page Scaling” use the drop down menu and choose “none”

Make sure the Auto Rotate and Centre is not checked/selected

Make sure the paper source is not checked/selected

Now click on “Advanced Settings” and select “Print as Image”.

There are other tips at this link here if these tips don’t work for your printer set up.



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