Monday, January 26, 2009

January 19-23, 2009 RABs

Kindergarten Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton
Grade 1 Emma's Cold Day by Margriet Ruurs
Grade 2 Champions of Hockey (Bungalo Boys) by John Bianchi
Grade 3 Stanley at Sea by Linda Bailey
Grade 4 Moccasin Goalie by William Roy Brownridge
Grade 5 Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg (also introduced the Caldecott Medal and what it is all about)

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 12-16, 2009 RABs

Kindergarten Iris Has a Virus by Arlene Alda
Grade 1 Brady Brady and the Twirlin’ Torpedo by Mary Shaw and Chuck Temple
Grade 2 Snowed in at Pokeweed Public School by John Bianchi
Grade 3 The Farm Team by Linda Bailey
Grade 4-5 The Hockey Card by Jack Siemiatycki (Touches on the famous Maurice “The Rocket” Richard).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 5-9, 2009 Read Aloud Books (RAB)s

Kindergarten: Mrs. Toggle's Zipper by Robin Pulver. A timely story about a teacher who gets her winter jacket zipper stuck and prepares for a long, hot day at school. Kindergarteners love the names that the author gives the teachers and staff members in this book.

Grade 1: Brady, Brady and the Great Rink by Mary Shaw and Chuck Temple. In this story, the power goes out at the rink and Brady saves the day. It just so happened I read this book aloud on a day when our power was out at school! LOL!

Grade 2: Treasure for Lunch by Shenaaz Nanji. I love this story about a girl who hides her leftover lunch in the snow and is found out when the Chinook winds blow and melt the snow, revealing her hidden treasure.

Grade 3: The Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World by Linda Bailey. I continue to marvel at the captivating talents of this author. I don't know why i should be surprised but I am. Her themes seem to really resonate with this age group. The students sat with rapt attention to this book.

Grade 4 and 5: The Hockey Tree by David Ward and Brian Deines. I love this book for the way that the author writes the dialogue. I think he did a very good job or else had an excellent editor. It is a smoothly written and interesting book, great for a read aloud and teaches about something uniquely Canadian. Students in this age group found it fascinating.