Monday, March 29, 2010

March 1-5, 2010 RABs

Kindergarten: Willy and Hugh by Anthony Browne.

Grade 1: Dr. Drabble's Spectacular Shrinker-Enlarger; Dr. Drabble and the Dynamic Duplicator by Sigmund Brouwer and Wayne Davidson. (See also:

Grade 2: Goose's story by Cari Best. If you liked the movie: Fly Away Home, you'll also enjoy this book about a goose who arrives at the pond one spring with a mysterious broken leg.
(See also:

Grade 3: The Boy Who Ate the World (and the girl who saved it) by Don Gillmor and Pierre Pratt. Students were tickled by this hysterical tall tale.
(See also:

Grade 4: Missuk's Snow Geese by Anne Renaud.  A sweet tale of how a girl helps her father find his way home in a snowstorm.

Grade 5: Sydney And Norman by Phil Vischer
(See also:
 A parable with a surprising and arresting twist.

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