Thursday, October 1, 2009

September in the Library

First week of school: Library times are used to sign out texts; Textbook Orientations

Second week of school: First Library Orientation: ANL Ratings explained (Allowable Noise Level); the Library is the Quiet Zone of the school. Students make suggestions for why it is important to be quiet in the Library (many reasons) and if they answer correctly, they can pick up their Library card (game Grades 2-5). Different areas of the Library are outlined. One book is signed out per student K-5. Picture books and fiction books only.

Third week of school: Expanding discussions about ways that students are Library Assistants. Keeping the Library tidy and behaving in a safe manner; emergency procedures in Library are discussed. K-1 Picture books only, 2-5 Picture or chapter book plus a non-fiction book.

Fourth week of school: Book Care

Fifth week of school: K-1 First story time; Picture books and non-fiction books.
Grades 2-5: Explaination of different forms to fill out for books (save a book, request a book someone else has out and suggest a book that the Library doesn't have yet), guidelines for use of forms and also cover computer searching tips to find books that students want. Fiction, non-fiction and magazines loaned out.

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