Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February 9-13, 2009 RABs

Kindergarten: Franklin's Valentines by Paulette Bourgeois (See also: http://www.franklin.ecsd.net/author_paulette_bourgeois.htm)
Grade 1: also Franklin's Valentines
Grade 2: George and Martha Back in Town by James Marshall
Grade 3-5: This week students filled out a Library Bingo sheet (3 by 3 squares) with titles from the Christian Book Fair Flyer (Get Reading published by Living Books) and I drew titles from a bin (I just photocopy or use an actual flyer and cut out the titles). Winners received a candy!
This is a really fun game which helps us get to know featured authors and titles before the book fair arrives.

Students also filled out a ballot form to vote for their favourite Christian Author and enter the draw to win free books from the book fair.

Do you have a favourite Christian Author? If you don't, it's not too late! Do some (more) reading of Christian Literature and find out who your favourite is!

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